Full Size Resin Aged Human Skull With Lower Jaw

Full Size Resin Aged Human Skull With Lower Jaw

Ultra-Realistic Human Skull Reproduction Made of high-density urethane resin and backfilled with urethane foam (Hollow). This skull comes with a lower jaw made from cast urethane resin. All parts are hand-made and painted by me. These skulls are great for props. I have used them for moving Halloween props and static ones too. The skulls are hollow and can be reworked to accommodate servos and eyes. The jaws are independent of the skull and can, with some ingenuity, be attached to move. These can also be made into lamps and other eerie accessories. I do sell the skull without the jaw and lifelike eyes that will work in these, so check my other listings. Please remember that these items are handcrafted and will vary in color from piece to piece, but they are all very similar.

Note: These items can vary in color as they are all hand painted. At this time, the skulls are a golden brown color. If you need a specific color, then please reach out before placing your order. If you need something different, please contact me. It measures 19 inches in circumference and is 7 inches front to back and 5.5 inches side to side. this is a full-sized male skull


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