Resin With Foam Core Horns | 9 inches

Resin With Foam Core Horns | 9 inches

Perfect for cosplay. These 9-inch horns are made of resin and backfilled with ultra-light (less than 4 oz for both) ridged foam. They are perfect for head mounts or for that special project.

Note that these are just the horns; you will need to apply them to the project as you see fit.

Due to the transportation slowdowns, some items could be delayed a few days in production. I try to keep plenty of raw materials on hand, but every now and again, the items needed to finish a piece can be delayed by a few days. I thank you for understanding if your item ships a day or two late due to this. If, for some reason, it is going to be longer than just a day or two, I will message you and let you know. Thanks again for your patience.


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